Training Programs - Multi-Engine

Training Overview

Training will consist of approximately 2 hours Ground Instruction and 7 hours Flight Instruction in our BE76 Beechcraft Duchess or Piper Seneca Multi-Engine aircraft. There are no minimum training time requirements for the Multi-Engine class rating.

*Prerequisite: Private Pilot Licence


Must be a minimum of seventeen years (17) of age.

Medical Requirement

Must have a minimum of a category 3 medical certificate


The student will have sufficient knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Performance and limitations of multi-engine flight including principles of flight with one engine inoperative
  • Preparation for flight including flight planning, weight and balance, pre-flight inspection, engine starting, run-up and use of checklists
  • Procedures for normal flight operations including taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, the circuit and landing
  • Review of upper air work including flight at reduced airspeeds, stalls and steep turns
  • Emergency procedures for flight with one engine inoperative in all phases including take-off, cruise and landing.

*Note: There is no written examination for the Multi-Engine class rating.


The student shall complete a flight test to the standard outlined in the Flight Test Guide - Multi-Engine Class Rating - Aeroplane. (TP 219E)


The student will complete training required to reach a sufficient level of knowledge and skill to pass the Multi Engine Class Rating - Aeroplane flight test.

Cost Estimate

7 Dual Flight Training $371.00 $2597.00
2 Ground Briefings $52.5.00 $105.00
Books & Materials (approximately) $79.90
Transport Canada Licensing Fee $55.00
Flight Test Fee $300.00
TOTAL: $3136.90


  1. Estimated course costs are based on the Beech Duchess pricing. Piper Seneca costs are slightly higher.
  2. Mandatory government taxes not included

Materials List

Aircraft Information Manual (POH) $39.95
The Complete Multi Engine Pilot $39.95
Total $79.90