Training Programs - VFR Over The Top (OTT)

The VFR Over the Top (OTT) rating allows a Private Pilot to fly above a solid layer of clouds in visual Meteorological conditions, when visual reference to the ground is unavailable. VFR OTT is included in the privileges for a Commercial Licence.

Training Overview

The VFR OTT program is separated into two related paths: ground instruction and in-flight training. While there are no written or in-flight Transport Canada examinations, we will furnish you with the required background knowledge, skill, and understanding to successfully meet all company and Transport Canada requirements for the rating. There is no formal Ground school for this program.


A minimum age of seventeen (17) years old is required for a VFR OTT Rating.

Medical Requirements

Must have a Category 1 or 3 medical certificate.

Training Requirements

Ground Instruction:
Related topics that will be covered:

  • Canadian Aviation Regulations Requirements for VFR OTT
  • Instrument Flying Full/Partial Panel
  • Unusual attitudes
  • Weather
  • Human Factors
  • Pilot Decision Making
  • Flight Operations
  • Navigation Radio and Electronic Theory ADF, VOR, GPS


Students will be required to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the required subjects in accordance with the Flight Instructor Standard - VFR OTT.


15 hours of instrument training

  1. of which 5 hours can be done in a simulator


An applicant for a VFR OTT rating shall have reached the level of skill specified in the Flight Instructor Standard - VFR OTT.

Cost Estimate

10 Dual Flight Training (Instrument) $193.50 $1935.00
5 Simulator Training $124.00 $620.00
5 Ground Briefings $52.50 $262.50
TOTAL: $2817.50


  1. Aircraft rates are based on the C152
  2. Costs are based on a minimum of 15 hours training
  3. Mandatory government taxes not included

This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. As such, the registrar did not review this program.